Monday, November 1, 2010

School time

Today, Lana started preschool. She's been going there for playgroup for the past month, but it's been accompanied. Today was her first day of going alone. And she did fabulously, just as I knew she would. No tears, not even a glance back at me when she went in. And when she got to the class, instead of asking "Where's Mummy?", she was asking "Where's Miss Emma?" (Miss Emma was her teacher in the playgroup class). I think it helps that one of her good buddies, Shayne, is in the class with her. She's still a little shy with the teachers but I know she'll warm up.

She has a little school uniform (no pics yet though, I'm so slack!!) and a little pink Dora school bag. She looks so big all dressed up! The past two years have flown by so quickly... I can't believe I'm sending her to school by herself so young - I never intended to. But I think it's good for her, she's definitely got the right personality for it, and with me being up at the hospital afternoon, it's probably better for her to be at school rather than just stuck at home with our helper all the time.

Lana will be going to school every afternoon from 2-4. And she has her first field trip on Wednesday! Her daddy is taking the day off work and all three of us are going. We'll be going to the Hong Kong Wetland Park to visit one of Lana's favourite animals, the crocodile.

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  1. I was so looking forward to reading about Lana's first day. Glad that she had a good day. There are so many new adventures awaiting. Can't wait to see photos. Love from Nanny and Grandad.