Thursday, February 10, 2011

The sound of music...

Kids say the funniest things - especially Lana. Ok, I admit that I don't spend a great deal of time with many other kids, but I'd imagine that what Lana says is pretty funny by most standards. It gives me some insight into the wonderful and creative way in which her mind works.

I am hereby proud to present to you Lana's interpretation and arrangement of "Do Re Mi" from The Sound of Music - I hope you enjoy it.

Bernard: Do, a deer a female deer...
Lana: Play-Doh?

Bernard: Re, a drop of golden sun...
Lana: this? (makes the shape of a ball with her hands) Like a rainbow?

Bernard: Mi, a name I call myself...
Lana: Lana? (pats her chest with her palm)

Bernard: Fa, a long long way to run...
Lana: this? (runs away to the foot of her bed)

Bernard: So, a needle pulling thread...
Lana: this? (pulls on the front of her shirt)

Bernard: La, a note to follow so...
Lana: this? (walks around) Is this follow?

Bernard: Ti, a drink with jam and bread...
Lana: eating bread and peanut?

Bernard: ...that will bring us back to...
Lana: ...Play-Doh!

Now that's music to my ears. =)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

But I Practiced!!

Lately, Lana has been loving Lilo and Stitch. We have the movie on our iPod touch and we give it to her for entertainment when she wakes up too early or when she's getting cranky at a restaurant, etc. She's been watching it over and over lately (except for the first 10 minutes which she always wants us to skip). She always tells us "I want to watch Lilo dance!" 

In one of the first scenes of the movie, Lilo goes to her dance class all wet from swimming in the ocean and makes a big puddle in which the other little girls slip and fall. Because of this, much to her distress, Lilo gets kicked out of the dance class. She exclaims to her dance teacher as she is getting in trouble, "I just want to dance! I practiced!"

Lana has seen this and interpreted it through her two year old understanding. I think she thinks "I practiced!" means something like "But I really really want to!!" because now she comes out with things like:

"I want to draw! I practiced!"

"I want to go to the park! I practiced!!"

"I want to eat chocolate! I practiced!!!!!"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Miss Independent

The other day, Lana was putting on her shoes.

Although there are some shoes that Lana can manage by herself, it is common knowledge around here that she can't quite manage this particular buckle yet.

Bernard saw her struggling with them so he went over to help, only to be greeted with:

"No Daddy, No Daddy!! Don't help me! Don't help me!! Don't even TOUCH my shoe!!"

I know the day is coming, not too far away most likely, when that will be followed by "Don't even THINK about touching my shoe... don't even THINK about thinking about it" and so on. 

It is hilarious to hear Lana vocalise these ideas and thoughts, I love the way she thinks and I love the independent little girl she's becoming :)