Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Potty Training - or not...

For a long time now, Lana has been "ready" to be toilet trained. She knows when she is going to the toilet, she has a fair amount of control over it - BUT she seems to have absolutely no desire to go on the toilet!

We've tried a little kiddy chair on the regular toilet, and we've tried a little potty, but she's not very interested in either of them.

Lana does like to run around with no nappy on, and she does this on a semi regular basis - only to pee all over the floor and laugh, saying "Do we pee on the floor?? NOOOOO!!" like it's the greatest joke of the year. 

At school, the teachers do some very basic "toilet training", taking the little ones to the mini-sized toilets there. They encourage us to actively train our kids at home as well - but I'm at a loss.

Part of me thinks that if she's not interested, she's not interested. I don't really care personally if she's not toilet trained in the next six months (after that I would care a bit more, I think!). I know that eventually she will actually want to go in the toilet instead of in her nappy, and maybe it's best to wait until she's ready (a bit like my philosophy for taking away her dummy, but that's another story for another day) - but then I also know that sometimes a gentle push is needed as well. 

I'd appreciate any hints or tips about the situation, how can I get her to WANT to go in the toilet? And should I push it now, or wait six months?

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