Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From your Daddy

Dear Lana,

Your daddy wrote this letter to you as a comment - but I think it's too good not to write as a post of its own. Here's what your daddy had to say:

To my baby girl,

I can still remember a time when your daddy was a big "strong" man who could emotionally handle anything. It wasn't particularly healthy for him, but over the last few years of being married to your mummy, he's slowly been able to come out of his shell and to share and express his emotions in a healthy way.

Then came the day when you were born, and all those facades of emotional manliness and bravado crumbled and gave way in the face of your girlish giggles, your squeals of excitement as I chased you through the house, and those beautiful eyes that disappeared when you smiled your cheeky little smile.

Life is no longer the same - I would give anything to be able to hang on to these moments forever. The other night on your birthday, after you had exhausted yourself from a day's worth of frolicking and fun, I lay on our bed and thought about how quickly time just seemed to fly right by. It seemed like only yesterday when you were born - and now it seems like the years are flying right now. And as I lay there on the bed, I started to cry because I knew that one day, I'm going to wake up and my little girl will be all grown up and married. I knew that that day was going to come sooner that I expect or want it to. As I cried, your mummy reminded me to cherish the moments that we have together - so even though you won't always be my little two-year old girl, you will, in my eyes, forever and always be my little girl.

May I never be too busy to spend time with you, may I always be there when you call for me, to protect you when you feel scared, to pick you up when you fall. May I never forget just how important you, Maddy and mummy are to me, and to never lose sight of that.

Happy 2nd birthday, my little bundle of joy. I hope you have fun being two. And I hope I will be there with you to share and to cherish each step that you take.

With love always,
Your father

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Lana

To my darling girl on your second birthday,

The other night, I was holding you while you were falling asleep. You don't let me do that much any more - you're far too independent for snuggles. But thanks to your molars coming in (right on time), you were a bit more cuddly than usual. As I looked down on your face, I remembered all those times when you were younger and I used to hold you as you fell asleep. I miss the little you - but I love the "you" that you are growing into as well.

Your first year was full of physical milestones. You sat up. You started crawling. You started walking. Your second year has been full of different kinds of milestones. You can now play with your friends. You talk - non stop. And sing non stop as well. You have likes and dislikes. You have strong emotions - you get exuberantly happy, cheeky, defiant, shy, scared, stubborn, silly... you can express these emotions so well too.

The one thing that I love most about you at the moment is your little voice - so high pitched. It's the music of my day. I love the things you say, the songs you sing, the songs you make up. I don't always understand what you're saying but I love to hear you talking. 

I'm so proud of the beautiful little girl that you are becoming. You have an amazing vocabulary - you say words that I didn't even know that you'd heard before. And you can recite entire pages of your favourite book, "The Gruffalo". You can be so sweet at times, telling me and your daddy that you love us without being prompted. And you still have that beautiful temperament that you were born with. 

Tonight, you needed a bit of attention going to sleep again. I thought it might help you to go to sleep if I tickled your back. I know that it would put me right to sleep! I started tickling your back, and you demanded that I tickle your feet. Fair enough, that would put me to sleep as well. Then you wanted a square on your back. Ok, why not. Then a square on your mouth? You're a silly little thing, but I did it anyway ;)

I know that this past year has been a difficult one for our family, but you have coped so well with all our stress, doctors appointments and with me being away at the hospital with your sister every afternoon. I know that you will also adapt just as well when Maddy comes home from the hospital. You will be a wonderful big sister :)

I love you, my girl - you are special to me. You are and always will be that beautiful child who made me a mother.

Love always and forever,

Your Mum.